Jeff Goins: How he Went From a Blogger to Published Author in 6 Months

by HeatherGeo

Jeff Goins is a writer. He’s also a new father, an award winning blogger, a newly published author, and holds down a full-time job. He has just released his first book Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life.

jeff goinsWhat’s so inspiring about Jeff is his seemingly ordinary guy existence. He went to college, he traveled around with a band, he got a job, got married. Sounds pretty normal, right?

This is where things get spectacular. Jeff always loved to write, but he never took his writing seriously. He started a few blogs, wrote some articles, dabbled around with ideas.

Gradually he took ownership of this passion and one day he simply declared, “I am a writer.” His whole perception changed.

In the forward to his new book, best selling author Michael Hyatt states upon meeting Jeff, “he had a strange but alluring mix of courage and humility.”

This “alluring mix” enables Jeff to inspire thousands. He writes from the heart and pulls his readers along with him. By following his passion with intention and courage he coaches and inspires other to pursue their dreams without fear or regret.

Work Ethic: He wrote several blogs before he found his niche. This is a short synopsis of his journey from blogger to published writer. He writes about this journey in detail at

  • Month 1 – Build a blog
  • Month 2 – Start promoting your blog through social media and guest posting
  • Month 3 – Write a manifesto – a free ebook or white paper
  • Month 4 – Grow your brand
  • Month 5 – Find an agent
  • Month 6 – Get the contract


Created popular blog that won Top Ten writing blogs from Write to Done in 2011 and 2012 while holding down a full time job.

Got a book contract within six months after launching his blog

Received endorsements from New York Times bestselling author Michael Hyatt, author Shane Claiborne, and The $100 Startup author Chris Guillebeau.

Written posts for major blogs including Copyblogger, ProBlogger, and Michael Hyatt.

Action Tip: Want to start a blog? Need a unique topic? Try this –  look at the books for dummies catalog – there is a massive amount of research that goes into those titles. Combine two or three topics together to come up with your own niche topic. For instance copywriting/blogging, psychology/business, creativity/entrepreneurship. Make a list of 15 possible topics and conduct your own research.

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